Q: How would you describe your style of deejaying?

I am a boutique DJ, meaning, I specialize in spinning vinyl records. There is a certain beauty and art to old school deejaying that many people appreciate and enjoy. I bring that passion to my work.

Q: Do you utilize any other formats of music besides vinyl records? 

A: Yes. Depending on the event I also utilize Serato DVS software with my turntables which provides me with unlimited song selection. As such, I can play everything from Elvis up to today's chart music and anything in between. Request lines are always open!

Q; What types of events and venues have you deejayed at?

A: Some of the different types of events and venues I have deejayed at include birthday parties (all different ages), anniversaries, cocktail parties, luaus, store openings, galas, youth events, concerts, festivals, block parties, senior dances, restaurants, fundraisers, bars, corporate events, election night gatherings and hot rod meets.

Q. How does your pricing work?

A: As every gig is a little different my fee is based on a per job basis. This includes the size, type, duration and location of your event as well as my travel time. Let me know what you're looking for and I will provide you with a quote.

Q: How much time do you need to set up?

A: Usually one hour is sufficient. Clear access to a door where I can back up my vehicle to load-in and out my equipment is appreciated.

Q: How large of an area do you need?

A: Usually a 10'x10' area is sufficient for my set up. However, I can go smaller depending on the location. I will also need unobstructed access to an electrical outlet. I bring along my own table.

Q: Do you talk during the event and is there also a microphone available if we need to make an announcement?

A: Yes. If desired I do provide commentary on songs during my set. I also provide a microphone in the event that you or a guest would like to speak.

Q: Do you provide karaoke?

A: No, that's not my thing.

Q: Do you DJ at people's homes?

A: Unless I personally know the host, for security reasons, I do not DJ at private residences. Sorry.

Q: How do you pick the music to play?

A: Every gig is different. As such, my playlist is based on the demographic and theme of your event. I will always discuss the music options with you beforehand so that we're on the same page and you know what to expect. I also make an effort to cover all age groups so that everyone at your event, whether 18 or 88, will hear music that they enjoy. A list of artists and songs that you would like to be played (or not played) is always appreciated.

Q: How do you mix the music?
A: Mixing is a pretty basic skill for a professional disc jockey, but how a DJ does it says a lot about his or her style. I mix music for the purpose of creating high-quality seamless transitions between songs and maintaining the energy and momentum on the dance floor. Mixing is something I do on the spot, based on the tempo and “feel” of the songs and the reaction of the crowd.

Q: Do you use a contract? Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes. I use a standard DJ contract. Deposits are 25% of my quote and are nonrefundable. In the event that I have an emergency or a scheduling conflict I will refund your deposit in full. I accept deposits via PayPal, CashApp or Venmo.

Q: Do you take breaks during the event? 

A: Yes. As a human being nature does call. In addition, for lengthier events a complimentary meal with a beverage for both myself and my assistant is always appreciated.

Q: What equipment do you use?

A: I utilize the following gear:

• (2) QSC K10.2 active speakers with stands

• Rockville RGB-15S Subwoofer (for larger events)

• (2) Stanton T.62 turntables

• (2) Numark PT01 Scratch turntables with Raiden RPM-100 mixer (for busking)

• Macbook Pro and/or iPad

• Serato DJ DVS software

• Numark M6 and DJ Tech DIF25 mixing boards

• Numark NS6 and NS6ii Controllers

• Lighting stand with (3) multi-colored LED sound activated lights and laser

Q: How did you come up with the name "Tikinaut"?

A: My former surf rock band was called The Tikinauts. Accordingly, my DJ name is derived from that group. I'm now in the singular!